Environmental Impact

Nature wants to tell something with the effect of global warming

We could create better impact

Milkien wants to be carbon neutral as soon as possible, shapes its operations with this approach.

Our Ongoing Studies

Development of Techniques to Increase Water Saving in Production

With the awareness that every drop of water will be very valuable for our future, we are trying to increase our savings today. We develop solutions in order to produce more products with less water consumption in our production processes.

Increasing the Use of Innovative Energy Resources

In the use of energy resources, we try to minimize the use of fossil fuels as much as possible and try to support the energy we use with renewable energy resources.

Preferring the Use of Recyclable, Green Packaging


We work with Tetra-Pak, the world leader in aseptic filling technologies, and use 100% renewable cardboard packaging.

Minimizing Co2 Emissions by Optimizing Distribution Processes

By carrying out continuous optimization studies in distribution processes, we create optimum distribution routes and try to minimize Co2 Emission.